Yacht to the miracles

Saquila is the yacht of no other with the mission is to take you on a vacation of lifetime where every moment is such a great delight. Whether you want to explore magical, majestic caves, enjoy moments of relaxation, immerse yourself in nature on pristine, peaceful beaches with emerald green water or learn about thousand years of Ha Long culture, we will help you achieve it.

Captain's Destination

Travel with us to explore a magical destination that is beyond of all imagination

Saquila Excursion

Every moment counts so if you wonder how to spend your time, find out more about our initarery that suit you best.

Bespoke Bundles

The best package we’ve tailored for you to fulfill your lifetime trip

Yacht information

VND 1.000.000 / Guest / The City Voyage
VND 1.950.000  / Guest / The Yacht Dining

Voyage of Culture (Coming Soon)

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Outstanding features that you can only find on Saquila Yacht

Luxurious Design

The sophisticated fusion of luxury and comfort in our design ensures pure delight for your senses. We have meticulously selected every detail, employing modern and impressive imported materials. Gentle, elegant color palettes and the perfect material setup will envelop you in a sense of comfortability through the whole journey

Unique Itinerary

Tailormade vacations are meticulously designed by our team of experts with experience accumulated over year to make sure this will definitely be a journey of a your lifetime.

Diverse Cuisine

Our menu will satisfy both adventurous diners and those who like familiar dishes. Our service way can also make a big surprise. From dishes with unique presentations to Omakase-style drinks, all of this will be part of your memorable moments of yachting in Ha Long Bay.

Halong City Landmarks
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