Yacht to the miracles

Saquila is the yacht of no other with the mission is to take you on a vacation of lifetime where every moment is such a great delight. Whether you want to explore magical, majestic caves, enjoy moments of relaxation, immerse yourself in nature on pristine, peaceful beaches with emerald green water or learn about thousand years of Ha Long culture, we will help you achieve it.

Explore Our Initerary
Voyage of Culture

Ha Long Bay is a place of miracles. Billion years of earth’s creation are still present right here. You will be surprised to witness and believe that such things are completely real. Everything you have seen on the internet has never been so close to your eyes, within your reach and still waiting to be discovered. Worry about tourism spot? Too many things to see but too many people to enjoy? We design an intinerary that take you away from the crowd.

The Yacht Dining

We can proudly say that the cuisine on the Saquila yacht is not inferior to any finest restaurants or hotels. From dishes with unique presentations to Omakase-style drinks, trust us and let us capture your memorable moments of yachting in Ha Long Bay. With various kind of entertainment will be held on board, prepare yourselft for a night to remember ever after.

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