Privacy Policy

Policy to protect customers’ personal information

We respect your privacy and recognize the need to protect personally identifiable information (any information that can identify you, such as your name, passport details and phone number) that you Share with us. We want to assure you that we follow appropriate standards when protecting your privacy on our websites.

1/The purpose of collecting customer information is to:

‘- Create a database in the customer care and consulting process.

‘- Store information records to facilitate the after-sales care process for customers to ensure the best service quality.

‘- The scope of information collection includes: Full name, year of birth, address, nationality, email, phone number.

2/ Scope of information use: All information provided from customers is only used internally at Saquila Hospitality Joint Stock Company.

3/ Information storage period: All customer personal information is securely stored on our internal system throughout the process before, during and after using the service or until receive a request to remove the information provided from the customer.

4/ People who have access to customer information: The customer care and management department is working at Saquila Hospitality Joint Stock Company.

5/ Customer information collection and management unit: The customer care and management department at Saquila Hospitality Joint Stock Company.

6/ Methods and tools for customers to access and edit their personal data: Customers can edit and update their personal information by directly contacting the management and care department. Customer care at Saquila Hospitality Joint Stock Company or contact phone number 1900.9290 – for support in changing, editing, or requesting deletion of information.

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